Symbols & substance – brands need both

Brand symbols are powerful, and CMOs of professional service firms are uniquely qualified to create and nurture them to…

Strategy: from wish list to to-do list

In professional services, strategy is often seen as a wish list rather than a to-do list by those inside the firm. A…

partner brand

Partners have brands too

How to help those who are brilliant technicians, but not yet brilliant developers of business, develop their partner…

Challenger brands in professional services

Challenger brands are relatively rare in professional services – despite conditions being ripe for many mid-sized firms…

The power of category brands

Category brands are everywhere in the elite professional services market. Their value and impact are often overlooked.

Brand visual identity

Brand identity matters

We live in a highly visual world, so when it comes to communicating the proposition of a professional services firm,…

Specialists in a world of generalists

In the premium legal market, a few firms have swum against the tide and overtly positioned themselves as super-focused…

Brands within brands

How should firms approach brand messaging for individual product/sector groups, without causing internal chaos or…

Differentiating through brand experience

Professional service firms can build their brand reputation by studying how the best consumer brands deliver innovative…

Brand architecture

Why brand architecture gives CMOs a headache

Brand architecture is market signposting. It helps clients navigate and make sense of a professional service firm's…

professional services branding

How to do brand strategy in a partnership culture

Do you see branding as an opportunity to put marketing at the heart of the firm's overall business strategy, or a…

Brand thought leadership

How thought leadership drives brand reputation

In a ‘digital-first’ marketing environment, the role of thought leadership in building brand reputation is growing…

Brand tone of voice

How to define brand tone of voice

It's not just what you say, it's how you say it. Tone of voice is the yin to the yang of key messages when it comes to…

The power of key messages

From philosophy to business, if you want to communicate your brand story in a way that cuts through the clutter, key…


A (very) concise history of branding.

The 'art of branding’ has become more sophisticated over time as brands have evolved from products to services and…

Big Law – the future global elite brands

The competition to become one of the undisputed market-leading global law firm brands is still very much an open race.

Power of a mass-niche strategic brand positioning

A mass-niche positioning can be a potent way for a professional services firm to stand out in a crowded market.

Brand strategy

Brand = strategy made visible

A confident and successful business doesn't hide its strategy — it should be visible in its brand.

brand experience

Brand differentiation on Zoom?

Brand differentiation is harder to project in a virtual world. What does that mean for client experience?

American law firm in London

An American Law Firm in London

What are the branding issues for US-headquartered law firms in the London market?