Develop your partners’ brands

How to help partners in knowledge-led businesses develop their personal brands.

World’s Top 50 ‘US’ Law Firm Brands 2020

Our new analysis and rankings of the Top 50 US law firm brands. Snapshot of performance before the virus hit.

Leading into the economic storm

CMOs can best help their firms in the coming downturn by forcing groups to rethink, refresh and reinvent their…

Building brands within brands

How should firms go about building brands within brands without causing internal chaos or external confusion?

The advantage of brand experience

How professional service firms can build competitive advantage by studying how the best consumer brands are delivering…

Brand architecture

Why brand architecture gives CMOs a headache

Brand architecture is market signposting. It helps clients navigate and make sense of a professional service firm's…

UK Top 20 Law Firm Brand Index | 2019

Linklaters retains top spot in UK law firm brand index. Magic Circle firms continue to dominate the rankings but are…

Law firm branding in New York. If you can make it there…

In law firm branding, 'big in New York' counts for a lot. Fortunes have been won and lost attempting it.

Global Top 50 Law Firm Brands 2019

Kirkland and Latham retain their positions as the world's most valuable law firm brands closely followed by Skadden.

Brand engagement and the problem of ‘negative time’

How do you communicate with people who don't just have little time available, they have negative time?

It’s time to dress down (again)

The nifty aphorism, "History doesn't repeat itself, but it rhymes," usually attributed to Mark Twain, aptly applies to…

The idea factories

Why big tech and consulting firms are investing billions in innovation & learning hubs.

Law Firm Brands | US Top 50 2019

Ranking the 50 most prestigious US-headquartered firms by their 'global partnership profits' gives a rigorous and…

Brand visual identity

8/8 How to think about…Visual Identity

Presentation matters. We live in a highly visual world, so when it comes to communicating the proposition of a…

Brand engagement

7/8 How to think about…Brand Engagement

Studies show that proper internal engagement with what a brand stands for and is aiming to deliver to customers and…

Brand purpose

6/8 How to think about…Brand Purpose

Professional service firms are starting to think about the concept of brand purpose as a way to better engage with…

Brand thought leadership

5/8 How to think about…Thought Leadership

In our increasingly saturated digital media environment the demand for thought leaders is growing exponentially, but…


4/8 How to think about… Differentiation

Nurturing brand differentiation in professional services is a critical but subtle business. The key is to separate…

Brand tone of voice

3/8 How to think about… Tone of Voice

It's not just what you say, it's how you say it. Tone of voice is the yin to the yang of key messages when it comes to…

Brand key messages

2/8 How to think about… Key Messages

From philosophy to business, if you want to communicate your brand story in a way that cuts through the clutter, key…