Brand strategy

Brand = strategy made visible

A confident and successful business doesn't hide its strategy — it should be visible in its brand.

brand experience

Brand differentiation on Zoom?

Brand differentiation is harder to project in a virtual world. What does that mean for client experience?

American law firm in London

An American Law Firm in London

What are the branding issues for US-headquartered law firms in the London market?

Strategy needs an organising idea

A good strategy needs an organising idea to give it the spark of life. This article explains why.

ESG. Brand differentiator or qualifier?

Firms need to be strategic about ESG branding to avoid confusing differentiation with qualification.

Purpose needs a proposition

Purpose is power in branding today. But it needs a strong proposition to unlock its full potential.

Brand is demand

Brand is demand

The brand of a premium professional services firm drives more than 50% of its profitability.

Branding: Sometimes it really is rocket science

Two learnings from the new space race for other knowledge-led businesses staying on the ground.

Disruptor or disrupted?

These days if you're not a disruptor brand, then you're almost certainly being disrupted. Some of the disrupted have…

Branding is a whole-firm sport

Branding can be superficial. That's not a cynical view; it's just that there's no absolute necessity that what's…

The 3 ingredients of every successful brand

Every successful brand that has ever been, or ever will be, is made up of the same three ingredients: truths, wants and…

The power of brand symbols

Brand symbols are powerful, and CMOs of professional service firms are uniquely qualified to create and nurture them to…

Brand & Culture

The inextricable link between brand and culture for law firms, professional service firms and other knowledge-led…

professional services branding

Branding is easy. Partnerships are hard.

Do you see branding as an opportunity to put marketing at the heart of the firm's overall business strategy, or a…

brand communications

Brand communications. Talking to the hand.

90% of the market probably knows little to nothing about your firm. What an opportunity!

Brand and leadership behaviours

Brand strategy isn't only about changing external market perceptions, it's also an effective way to change internal…

Brand differentiation

Brand differentiation

Brand differentiation is a tricky topic because many firms feel that they offer near-identical services to their peers.…

Law firm branding

Law firm branding | 12 steps to success

Insights on law firm branding, distilled from deep experience advising many leading international firms

Strategy: from wish list to to-do list.

In knowledge-led businesses, strategy is often seen as a wish list rather than a to-do list by people inside the…

Strong brands are more profitable

Knowledge-led businesses with strong brands are 2-3 times more profitable than their peers.