A law firm for the G20 world

Standing out from the Crowd
As one of the pioneering international law firms White & Case has a strong reputation for quality across a wide range of practice areas and across many developed and developing economies. However the firm’s leadership team recognised the need to sharpen their positioning in an increasingly competitive market and engaged with a team led by Principia’s CEO Ian Stephens* in 2012 to develop a more consistent and a more compelling proposition across all their global offices and markets.

From G7 to G20
After consulting with partners and clients around the world a new market positioning statement was developed that embraced White & Case’s strength in emerging markets and linked it back to their strong traditional developed markets presence. “White & Case is a truly global law firm, uniquely positioned to help our clients achieve their ambitions in today’s G20 world.”

Engagement from the inside-out
Behind this positioning a set of key messages and a communications toolkit were developed to enable the firm’s business development and marketing staff implement the brand positioning. The team also developed and conducted a global engagement programme that introduced the firm’s associates, staff and partners to the brand positioning and the service principles that are important to make the brand a reality in their clients’ experience of working with the Firm.

Whilst the work is only just beginning to launch externally, the initiative has been extremely well received by the firm’s partners and associates around the world. According to the partners, White & Case anticipates that the external market impact over the coming months and years will help the firm achieve its strategic ambition to cement the position of the future global elite law firm brands.

*then in his role as Managing Partner of Saffron