Website and Digital Branding

Although print still has a role to play in projecting the image of a professional services firm – even if it’s largely an emotional one of familiarity – digital is increasingly of course the future.

Digital hub

Most of your firm’s brand communications are today, and will in the future be, consumed through some kind of digital channel, so it’s vital to appreciate the opportunities that digital offers; some of which are similar to print but some are significantly different.

Your firm’s website is the hub which other digital channels will connect to and it has to play multiple roles. For some clients it’s a directory – the first place to look for information on partners, deals, capabilities and of course directions to the office. For others it’s the place where they start their research into firms they might be contemplating inviting to tender for a new project or panel pitch or where they go to look up a firm that has been recommended to them by a 3rd party.

Weaving a narrative online

Increasingly your website is also where prospects ‘end up’ after they’ve engaged with a piece of digital content that they might have come across on other digital platforms (LinkedIn, online trade journals and business media, Twitter, etc). In this case it’s an opportunity to turn a chance encounter into a more substantial engagement by leading them onto more interesting, useful and relevant content about your firm.

This is the main difference between digital and print – which tends to be more of a one way journey – and requires a different way of thinking in terms of navigation and story telling. We’ve all been there, reading an article about X and following a link to Y and before we know it, like Alice, descending through the rabbit-hole following our curiosity.

Many paths, one story

Websites and other digital channels need to be designed and deployed to support multiple strategies and address multiple audiences. There are many best practices to build upon and armed with a clear brand strategy you will be able to design a digital presence that builds and reinforces your firm’s distinctive voice and market positioning.

Activities and deliverables

    • Audit of existing website and digital channels
    • Competitor audit
    • Development of digital brand strategy
    • Refresh or redesign of existing website
    • Review and redeployment of other digital and social media channels
    • Refresh or redesign of recruitment focused digital channels
    • Leadership engagement sessions