Principia specialises in advising the world’smost prestigious international professional service firmson brand strategy, messaging and identity.


One of the first international law firms to invest leadership time and energy into creating a strong and unified global brand that has stood the test of time.



Repositioning KPMG Management Consultants—the fastest growing division of one of the Big 4 professional service firms.

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PA Consulting

New purpose-led brand positioning for one of the world’s leading innovation and transformation consultancies.

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Professional services branding

Our ambition is simple.We use our unrivalled experience in professional services branding to give our clients competitive advantage in projectinga powerful and distinctive brand to clients, prospects and recruits around the world.

Brand Strategy

Compelling brand positioning strategies and innovative market narratives based on partner engagement and robust client research.


Brand Messaging

Powerful brand messaging strategies that drive business development and comms programmes internally and externally.


Visual Identity

Clear and compelling brand identities that support the projection of the firm’s brand image and client experience in the market.



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